Panasonic EP 30006 KU Massage Chair

Panasonic has developed the new Real Pro Ultra massage chair series. This massage chair series consists of five different high-end luxury recliner models. The top the line model for this series is the EP 30006 TU massage chair. It has some invigorating and soothing functions for your relaxing pleasure. Panasonic has developed a technology and design platform for the Real Pro Ultra massage chair line. The EP 30006 TU massage chair is one of the best high-end models on the market today.

The Real Pro Ultra massage chair series comes with a number of standard features. This includes the 3-D body scan, the quad style rollers and the Junetsu kneading massage technique. This is that the basic platform for all the chairs in this series.

You get a range of massage programs with the EP 30006 massage recliner. It comes with four automatic massage programs and also eight manual massage modes. The remote control also comes with a voice guidance system to walk you through a procedure you are learning for the first time.

The four automatic massage techniques consist of Swedish, shiatsu and others for full body massage therapy. This shiatsu massage stimulates it many finger pressure massage techniques. It uses of these 출장마사지 specially designed a rubber heads to apply pressure similar to the thumbs. It proved forms a hold and release for greater muscle tissue penetration.

One of the massage techniques which are unique to Panasonic is the Junetsu technique. Junetsu is an ultra fine kneading massage. It uses small circles with increasing pressure to penetrate through the muscles and other tight areas. This is perfect for relieving knots in your back or shoulders.

The advanced quad style massage technology integrated into the EP 30006 massage recliner performs a number of unique massage techniques. The movements allowed by this unique rollers system enable movements such as grasping or finger pressure to be applied.

Body scan technology is used to make a three-dimensional map of your back, shoulder and neck. This information is then used to customize the massage. The quad style roller also moves in three dimensions and follows the coordinates of the body scan.

The Panasonic EP 30006 massage chair comes with an air massage system. The air massage system covers 460 sq. inches of your body. You get coverage for the shoulders, hips, arms, hands, buttocks, thighs, calves and feet.

The air massage system is very good for receiving a compression massage. Multiple airbags are used to gently squeeze and loosen the calf area. The seat and hit massage is great for squeezing and soothing the buttocks and thighs. The shoulder massage gently stimulates your lymphatic system which aids in cleaning the body.

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