Delivery Service FAQs

Delivery Service FAQs


Here are some frequently asked questions on the subject of a delivery service – which more and more of us are using in our modern world.

What exactly i Nangs Delivery Brisbane  a delivery service?

The answer sort of depends upon who you’re asking. For a transport company, it’s a service they provide to their customers. For some big chains and shops, it’s something they buy in so they can make deliveries to their customers. If you’re a consumer waiting for goods, then it’s something you’ve either arranged yourself or have asked a shop or retail outlet to arrange for you.

How big can the deliveries be?

The only real limits are as defined by road haulage law. You may have seen those huge vehicles transporting houses, boats and vast storage tanks – well, they’re all arguably delivery services of one kind or another.

Who insured the goods being carried?

That’s a more complex question than it might at first appear. In theory, if you arrange delivery through a retail outlet, they should be responsible for getting the item safely to your front door or other reception point. Until such time as you have signed for the goods, the responsibility for things like carriage insurance resides with the retailer.

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